Two weeks into working from home – some positive experiences from APC

It’s been two weeks since the APC team have been working from home. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the amount of bad news around at the moment, but it isn’t all bad news – here are some positive experiences that have come from it:

Morning coffee meeting

Every morning my team meets while we have our morning coffee. We all get on Skype and chat, sometimes it’s nonsense about a good film we watched last night and sometimes it’s about work, but usually a mix of both. Having a morning routine helps start the day properly, and it means that we always talk to someone at least once a day.

APC team group chat

The company has recently set up a WhatsApp group with all of the employees in it – that’s nearly 40 of us. It’s less formal than group emails and means that people can quickly update everyone on business-wide news. The WhatsApp chat quickly descended into a flurry of pictures of everyone’s pets, who are keeping them company at home. We have had photos of dogs, cats, guinea pigs, rabbits, and plants. It seems silly, but informal messages about dogs and what everyone has had for lunch brightens my day. I expected to not hear from many people from the APC only my direct team, but I have heard from pretty much everyone – even from people in the team who tend to be a bit quieter when we’re in the office, it seems a good way for everyone to have a voice.

Steps competition

Working from home has meant that I have very little excuse to walk anywhere apart from the 3 steps to the kitchen. The team has set a goal of 6,000 steps a day, encouraging us all to go for a lunchtime walk. Being in isolation can be very intense, but getting some fresh air helps to break up the day and stop the feeling of being locked in. It also makes me take a break. It’s easy to work all day and have my lunch in front of my laptop, but getting outside helps me to take time for myself and recharge.

A different mind-set

As challenging as the current situation is, it has made us think differently about what is possible to do without being around people and new solutions to ways of working. Meetings and events that we thought would not be possible have now forced us to look at new solutions. We have been trialling new software to run workshops and collaborate while we are working from home. As a whole company, we have had to adapt our working style and will continue to experiment and find out what works and what doesn’t. We’re a lean team, so if people are unwell we need to have the flexibility to cover different roles that may be out of our comfort zone.

Reaching out to others

I live on my own and rely on contact from people who I work with to make my day less lonely. People have made an effort to reach out and ask how my day is going or how I am finding working from home. Everyone has been very kind and have taken the time to check up on each other. I am going to try and make an effort to reach out to people to make sure we all support each other during this adjustment to everyday life.

Setting up an at home workspace

To make sure we are all comfortable and had the right equipment, we were encouraged to take everything we need from the office to set up a space at home. The team have taken everything from chairs, monitors and desk plants so that they can set up a practical and familiar work station. Having a proper desk set up makes a big difference so there is no temptation to work in bed or be huddled over a laptop on the sofa. Having an allocated space makes it easier to separate work and personal time which could easily merge when they are all in the same place.

We’re all still working and are around to answer any of your questions during this uncertain time on email and mobile. You can find everyone’s details by clicking here.

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