Ford – FCVGen1.0

Ford Transit Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicle

Project Highlights 

  • Reduces dependency of high voltage battery power by installing a Proton-Exchange Membrane (PEM) Fuel-Cell (FC) system and hydrogen fuel system. 
  • Will offer customer-desired capabilities, above and beyond Battery Electrical Vehicle (BEV) and zero emissions 
  • Inform Ford and AVL on viability of a FC in Low Carbon Vehicle for larger deployment. 
  • Total project value £2.4 million, with £1 million funded through the APC  

Project Consortium 

  • Ford Motor Company 
  • AVL Powertrain 

Exploring new Fuel-Cell possibilities

This project will produce a Ford Transit FCEV demonstrator, incorporating state-of-the-art digital engineering tools to simulate and optimise vehicle systems; including sensitivity studies through the implementation of multiple energy systems.

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