Arrival – Project Next Generation Drive Unit

Creating the future of flexible manufacturing

Project Highlights 

  • The development and demonstration of a new robotic manufacturing concept for Arrival’s Electric Drive Unit. 
  • Will leverage the use of data-driven, smart and connected technology for the modular integration within ARRIVAL’s van micro-factory. 
  • Project aims to reduce capital investment in van production while providing flexibility and effectiveness. 
  • Total project value £6 million, with £3 million funded through the APC.  

Project Consortium 

  • Romax Technology Ltd 
  • Versustek Ltd 
  • University of Bradford 

The Future of Robotic Manufacturing

The project will produce a blueprint of the robotic manufacturing concept for Arrival’s Electric Drive Unit and will demonstrate the viability of both concept and business case with a full-scale operational unit. This will result in the ability to have modular integration of the Electric Drive Unit alongside the vans’ assembly micro-factory. The consortium is formed of four UK-based partners who bring expertise spanning multiple disciplines to deliver the project: Arrival, Romax Technology, Versustek and the University of Bradford.

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